Turning Fearful into Fearless.

Fear seems to be a word that has appeared in my life more often than not lately. Being fearful, fearless, fear of the unknown, fearful to take a chance—regardless of the context, fear has embodied multiple conversations that I’ve been a part of. The weird thing about fear is that while we are literally afraid of fear, we’re also extremely comfortable with fear.

Think about it. We’re okay to be fearful to take a chance because it keeps us safe and sound in our comfort zone. We’re okay with fearing the unknown because if we don’t change a thing, the unknown will never happen—that’s how it works, right? But here’s the crazy thing, we become fearful when we’re on the brink of greatness.

When we get a glimpse of what life COULD be like, we get this pit in our stomach filled with many different emotions. Different feelings. A different outlook on life. Fear (a word I find synonymous for the devil) seeps into the cracks when he catches wind of us following the breadcrumbs to life outside of his realm.

That’s the thing about the devil, he likes to keep us on a short leash. When we listen to his lies enough that we begin to believe them, we’re hooked. Quite literally. We can’t escape that mindset because we can’t see beyond the lies. We believe that we have no control over the situation that we’ve found ourselves in. But that’s just the thing, we we’re given the freedom to choose; we have the power to choose a life we deem worthy of living fearlessly.

The thought seems crazy—to live a life fearlessly. Lately, that has swarmed my thoughts. Why is it that being fearless seems like an unattainable state of being? Why is that we’re so afraid to try something new, that may require a minimal amount of discomfort for a second, but ultimately gets us to a place full of boundless happiness?

Okay, maybe boundless happiness is a bit farfetched, however we can get a state of complete peace if we put in the work. The tiniest amount of discomfort could be the gateway to a rewarding life. A fearless life. A life we’ve always dreamed of. So what are we so afraid of?

xo, Sarah

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