Patience is a Virtue.

As of late, I’ve been so grateful to have this blog because it’s served as an online diary for me. I consider myself an introvert, so it’s very easy for me to get lost in my thoughts. I’m constantly thinking of a multitude of things—new ideas, new processes, what I have to do when I get home, what I want to eat, how do animals communicate with each other—you know, a normal range of thoughts.

But lately, I’ve been absorbed in how much I despise the fact that I have succumbed to living life with an instant gratification mindset. They say that patience is a virtue, which I strongly agree with, but it does not help that we live in a society that is enabling us to be in an instant gratification mindset more than ever.

For example, we want food without getting up to make it or going out to pick something up—there’s Favor for that. You run out of anything in your home and are too lazy to go to the store to pick it up yourself—you can order it on Postmates. You want to “boost your confidence” so you post a new picture with a gorgeous filter and rad caption on social media to become instantly lifted when the likes start pouring in.

However, there’s a downfall to all of this—the instant gratification wears off just as fast as you obtained it.

The food you just ordered on Favor is taking an extra 15 minutes because they got stuck in traffic, you get the food and pay double the original amount due to a delivery and tip fee. The food is cold since it took so long to get to you, and you’re not as satisfied as you once thought you would be.

The same goes with social media. You post your photo thinking that you will feel better once all of your friends and family starting liking and commenting “oh, how pretty!” But the likes are slowly coming in, no one is commenting, you begin to get even more defeated than you originally were.

Isn’t it crazy to think that we are so reliant on these quick fixes to feed our instant gratification mind set? What happened to just trusting in the process, trusting that things are “hard” for a reason. That sometimes, you need to sit in the feeling of discomfort and uncertainty to reap the ultimate satisfaction.

I’m full of shame to admit that I have fallen short in this area—I have had the mindset that I know best and that nothing is truly that great to wait for. (HA!!!)

The good news is that I have a Heavenly Father who has already aligned a plan so perfect for me that it’s too much for my limited brain to even fathom. How cool is that?! That the Creator, the maker of the moon and the stars, has already laid out a plan for me—I just need to trust Him.

So, while I am no perfect example of trusting in the process—I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and in it’s perfect due time. Trust the process, no matter how hard it gets.

xo, Sarah

One thought on “Patience is a Virtue.

  1. Indeed, patience is a virtue, and hard to come by so often.. “I want it, and I want it now” is how many view life. There is a plan , and a timeline. be We need to be patient, and it will happen as it should..👍

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