About Me

I’m Sarah. A twenty-something-year-old trying to navigate life. I’m originally from Katy, Texas—right outside of Houston—and now reside in the DFW area. I made the transition to North Texas after graduating from Texas A&M University in May 2016. Now, I find myself residing here a little longer than I expected since I fell in love with my husband, Steven.

I am a Christian, a daughter and a huge animal lover. My dream is to live on a farm with lots of furry cows and dogs. I’m a red-wine lover, book nerd and the occasional runner. I am inspired by people who live out their full truth and are confident in their identity—true authenticity .

My motivation to start this blog stems from a deep desire to connect with people. I hope that this blog finds you where you are and serves as an escape, a friendly voice or just another corner of the internet for you to find entertainment from. You can expect to read more about me, my thoughts on life, my attempt at adulting in the real world, wedding planning and so much more.

Whether you intentionally set out to find this blog, or just stumbled upon it, I’m so glad that you’re here.

xo, Sarah